Event Visitor App for Android and Apple now available



Visitors to participating exhibitions can install this cutting-edge App to their mobile device. Designed to match product and business interests with exhibiting suppliers, the App gives you the ability to evaluate suppliers and products, schedule meetings and to connect directly to exhibitors - while you are on the go.  





App Features:

  • Search and explore leading exhibitions and events
  • Register to attend an event
  • Find products
  • Find exhibitors 


  • Evaluate Exhibitors/ Suppliers/Products
  • Contact Suppliers directly
  • Schedule meetings 
  • Contact suppliers directly 




Note: Organizers reserve the right to restrict certain App functionality for the Visitors that physically attend an event. A notice to this effect will be posted on the event profile on this site.

Get matched. Gather information. Assess Suppliers. Schedule meetings. Build relationships. Download the App.


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