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Our mission is to take your online event services to new heights and now you can license our Award-winning online service
for your exhibition or event - FREE  Xtendevent is designed to bring greater participation to your event. 



Free! Simple and quick to set up. Powerful features.

  • Customize your own event taxonomy
  • Customise your event branding
  • Automate existing communications processes 
  • Offer business and product matchmaking
  • Customise branding of Visitor and Exhibitor Apps
  • Offer an online Exhibitor Zone, Mobile App and services at no cost to Exhibitors
  • Increase revenues by including Remote Exhibitors within your event when the 'sold out' signs are up or to companies that cannot travel to exhibit 
  • Increase Exhibitor value and add a new income stream by introducing Remote Visitors
  • Impress Exhibitors with added extra services at no extra costs

See how these Event Services support your online strategy. Click here for events 

Implementing services from the BRICS Africa Trade Centre is quick and easy. You get exclusive and complete
control of your Event, Management, Brands,  Event Taxonomy and Exhibitor and Visitor data.

New revenue streams:

Companies can present virtually on your event. These companies receive all the benefits of exhibiting on your event at a fraction of the cost of being there. This means your sales executives can generate income when the 'sold out' sign is up and from prospects that are unable for some reason to travel to exhibit on your event. This service is affordable and all Exhibitors manage their company and product profiles, business leads and contacts online - securely and exclusively from the online Exhibitor Zone. Click here for more information


Visitors can access exhibitors by product interest, assess exhibitor company and product profiles, collect exhibitor collateral to an electronic briefcase and download a convenient Visitor App to their phone or tablet. Visitors can use this App to evaluate exhibitor profiles, schedule meetings with exhibitors and to capture and add exhibitor contact details to the App address book. Click here for more information
All from one seamlessly integrated and simple-to-use online event and profit-boosting solution. 


As event professionals we organise some of Africa's leading trade exhibitions and also provide online and onsite registration and other event services to organisers on the African continent.
We understand your event management needs.  Please see more about us here
Please contact us to discuss how we can help impress your exhibitors and visitors, grow your event and maximize your revenues.

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